Outbreak investigation

Fast, efficient, thorough

Division: Epidemiology | Locations: London, Budapest, Washington DC, Hanoi, Worldwide

Every second counts.

Whether it's a hospital-borne infection, a foodborne pathogen or a major public health crisis: in an outbreak, every second counts. That's why an increasing number of healthcare providers, private businesses, law enforcement organisations and public health authorities trust our rapid response Biosafety Rapid Assessment Teams (BRATs) to investigate outbreaks quickly and effectively. With a 24-hour global reach, our specialist teams consisting of microbiologists, epidemiologists and a range of subspeciality experts can be on the ground at short notice, minimising losses and reducing casualties.

Biosecurity Rapid Assessment
Teams on 24-hour call

CBRD's biosecurity quick reaction units, called BRATs, are complete fieldwork units that can be deployed to any point on the globe in 24 hours. 

Backed by a staff of
 experienced researchers

Fieldwork teams are in constant contact with Forward Deployed Support (FDS), a 24/7 on-alert unit of lab workers, specialists and expert consultants who can provide advice and back office support to the deployed units.

Cutting edge on-site and
off-site investigations

The multidisciplinary nature of BRATs means that potential outbreaks can be investigated rapidly and on site from multiple perspectives. Epidemiologists assist with contact tracing and origin determination while our on-site lab can perform thorough, accurate analyses without having to transport samples.

Actionable clinical

If required, specialist infectious disease physicians can be deployed to guide medical treatment and provide additional expertise to augment medical resources at the destination.