IRB and research consulting

Supporting the research community

Division: Research | Locations: Cambridge, MA, Washington DC, London

Safeguarding your research.

The increasing burdens of compliance with funding body guidelines, research ethics guidelines and regulations on the treatment of human and non-human test subjects has resulted in an increase in various legal and administrative duties on researchers. By providing comprehensive advisory, audit and review services, CBRD can safeguard your research and ensure compliance with all requirements.

Research proposal and
analysis plan reviews

CBRD's research ethics and regulatory experts can assist in reviewing your research proposal and analysis plan, ensuring compliance from the start.

Institutional Review Board

After discussing your requirements and your research proposal, CBRD's IRB coordinators can assemble an IRB panel to meet your specific requirements.

Continuous audit
and compliance services

Assisting researchers with continuous audit services for human participant protection, animal research ethics, biosafety of research with infectious agents and compliance requirements for defence-funded research.

Research administration &
Human subject briefing

To ensure compliance with informed consent guidelines, our specialist legal staff with decades of expertise can advise on particular aspects of informed consent and compliance.