Expert witness services

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Division: Legal and Regulatory | Locations: Washington DC, Geneva, Hamburg, Budapest, London

Our expertise on your side.

Epidemiological evidence in litigation is often complex and ensuring that it is presented intelligibly to the court is paramount. Our expert witnesses are not only respected authorities in their field, but have also considerable expertise in appearing as experts in various courts, and undergo regular training and evaluation on rules of evidence and courtroom conduct. Our experts have appeared in a range of tribunals in over twenty jurisdictions worldwide, as well as various arbitral tribunals. Overseen by a senior litigator with decades of experience, our experts know what clients need to prevail in court. CBRD's experts also regularly review complex biomedical and epidemiological evidence on behalf of third party funders to assess litigation prospects.



Pre-trial assessments
of evidence

Our team of expert witnesses and legal advisors are experienced in reviewing evidence, advising on additional evidence that may strengthen your case and assessing the weight of evidence to guide your decision-making.

Expert opinions on epidemiology
and biomedical issues

Epidemiological evidence and evidence in the biomedical field is often complex and requires specialist training to understand. Our expert witness panel is specifically trained ot explain these issues to juries and judges.

Regulatory liaison and

Regulatory bodies, including pharmaceutical and biotechnology/bioethics regulators, have specialized procedures that require specialist knowledge. CBRD's experts can help you navigate the regulatory labyrinth in over 30 jurisdictions.

Public relations and

We believe that the public has a right to make its decisions based on the best available evidence. Many of our experts are extensively trained to convey the core of complex epidemiological and biomedical issues to the public in an effective, intelligible manner.