Capability building

Helping you bring epidemiology capabilities home

Division: Epidemiology | Locations: Worldwide

The first 90 days don't have to be the hardest.

Whether you are starting an epidemiology unit from scratch or augmenting a smaller unit, whether it's a private sector company or a public health agency: the first months can be daunting. From hiring the right personnel through setting up the appropriate reporting lines and acquiring the right tools and resources, the entire process can easily overwhelm even extraordinary managers. With our experience of building out epidemiology capabilities in a range of organisations of different sizes, CBRD can help you hit the road running.

Capability assessment and
expansion planning

Whether you intend to augment an existing epidemiology capability or establish an altogether new one, it is crucial to assess existing capabilities to build on, develop clear objectives and plan for implementation. CBRD's epidemiology team managers can assist with planning for success.

Expert advice on
team composition

We know from experience that the right team makes all the difference. Our extensive network of partners and contacts can help us frame job descriptions to attract the right people and assess candidates to find star epidemiologists for your team.

Technology advice &
implementation guidance

CBRD's epidemiology team is supported by cutting edge engineering expertise from our dedicated team of data engineers and system architects. We have distilled their experience into an easy-to-reproduce guide to setting up a cutting edge technical background for epidemiology applications.

Resource augmentation
as a service (RAaS)

Outbreaks don't wait for the ink to dry on all the paperwork. That's why we have developed RAaS, an easy and convenient way to rapidly provide short- to mid-term personnel and technology resource augmentation to fill gaps in your staff and technology.