Recently, CBRD’s Chief of Epidemiology, Chris von Csefalvay, was interviewed for the Bugs, Blood & Bones podcast on his experiences as an epidemiologist, his focus of interest – filoviral infections, esp. Ebola – and future risks. You can listen to the podcast episodes using the links below.

As CBRD’s youngest Chiefs of Section, Chris von Csefalvay had an interesting career. Educated at Oxford, Cardiff and Leiden, he initially qualified as a lawyer (Solicitor, England and Wales) before joining CBRD in 2014 in the Computational Epidemiology department, during which time he spent considerable time seconded to external assignments as well. In 2016, he was appointed Head of Computational Epidemiology and in the Summer of 2017, he became Chief of Section (Epidemiology Research and Development). His areas of research interest are viral haemorrhagic fevers (VHFs), especially bat-borne VHFs, bioterrorism and biological warfare.