Biosecurity and Defence

Science in the service of national security

Division: Biosecurity | Locations: Worldwide

Ahead of the danger.

At the latest since the 2001 anthrax attacks, the risk of biological warfare used by non-state actors has become real. With the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the Soviet bioweapons programme as well as the ease and accessibility of bioterrorism as a tool of intimidation, harm and destruction, the risk of bioterrorism has occupied both the public health and the defence sector worldwide. CBRD provides full spectrum consulting services to the government and public sector, including armed forces and public health authorities, on biosecurity preparedness, and offers an industry-unique rapid response capability.

Biosecurity Rapid Assessment Teams (BRATs) can be deployed around the globe within 24 hours to assess, contain and mitigate biosecurity threats[

We offer a unique combination of expertise, training and operational support in a range of areas, including assessing the risk of emerging biological warfare agents, assessing and developing methods of detection, decommissioning, verification, analysis of intelligence obtained through national technical means on national or non-state actors' bioweapon programmes and consulting on the safety of dual-use agents.

Services offered
  • Biosecurity consulting
  • Review of biodefence and biosecurity programmes
  • Biological warfare capability estimation
  • Agent identification
  • Intelligence analysis
  • Technical assistance
  • Consulting on dual-use agents
  • Epidemiological anomaly detection
  • Geospatial detection and tracing
  • Genetic origin determination and analysis
  • Geospatial risk analysis integration
  • Simulations and agent-based model expertise
Client industries
  • Military and defence
  • Government and public sector
  • Public health
Key personnel
  • Epidemiologists
  • Infectious disease physicians
  • Molecular geneticists
  • Microbiologists
  • Virologists
  • Computational epidemiologists
  • Bioforensic Investigation Teams (BFITs)
  • Biological Rapid Assessment Teams (BRATs)
  • Intelligence analysts
  • Defence support and liaison officers
  • Public Health Advisors (PHAs)
  • Biosecurity experts
  • Structural analysts
  • Agricultural advisors
  • WMD specialists
  • Training specialists
  • Security personnel
Dual Use Notice
  • The provision of some of these services may constitute, use or involve dual-use products and may be subject to country limitations. 

Our highly-trained biodefence experts analyse your infrastructure - whether it's a facility or a whole country -, creating detailed response packages, and continually monitor emerging risks, adjusting your preparations as required.

In the case of an incident, Biological Rapid Assessment Teams can be on-site within 24 hours and seamlessly merge into your own institutional structure to relieve pressure and assist in pathogen identification, response planning and execution.

After an incident, highly-trained field response teams and microbiologists can assist you in investigating the incident and making recommendations to prevent future incidents. Investigational support includes cutting edge genetic pathogen identification methods.