Our areas of expertise

We offer a global, interdisciplinary network of experts in a wide range of specialities. 

Computational epidemiology

Best-in-class computational epidemiology services for the public and private sector, clinical trials, pharmacovigilance and litigation support.

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High Consequence Pathogens

Expert advice in managing rare but high-impact viral pathogens - including a unique and globally unparalleled expertise in filoviral haemorrhagic fevers and henipaviral diseases.

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Research Assistance

Supporting cutting-edge research with statistics, analytics, data management, software development and data acquisition services.

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Biosecurity and defence

Protecting the public and safeguarding public health through state-of-the-art biosecurity applications for the healthcare, public health and defence sectors.

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Geospatial analytics

Creating spatially sensitive models using a combination of GIS, computer vision, remote sensing and high-performance distributed agent-based modelling.

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