Protecting what matters most in an uncertain world.


CBRD is a global centre of excellence in biosecurity, epidemiology and clinical statistics.

With a network of over 200 experts spanning the globe and capabilities across the whole spectrum of biosecurity, epidemiology, outbreak investigation and emergency response, CBRD works with governments, NGOs and private parties to provide its clients with the peace of mind that only a global all-star team could.

global network

With experts, scientists, analysts and field operatives throughout the world, we provide our clients with an unparalleled global response capability.

Interdisciplinary approach
Leveraging a diverse team with experience in computational analytics, fieldwork, healthcare provision, public health strategy and disaster prevention, we combine a range of approaches to provide our clients with the optimum solution.
Top-of-the-range expertise

We bring together state-of-the-art technology and the brightest minds in the field, with outstanding credentials and high-level experience from the public sector, government, the military, academia and private business.

Fostering talent

We aggressively recruit the best of the best, and continuously invest in talent development. Our scientists, analysts and field operatives undergo constant intensive training and regular re-certification in key skills.

Our process for success

Our clients have come to appreciate our unique, customer-focused, transparent methods of carrying our our mission. From start to end, clients are kept up to date, using both conventional communications and our industry-unique client dashboard.

The first 24 hours

After your initial approach, one of our senior project managers experienced in your required field will get in touch with you and discuss your precise needs.

Creating an operational plan

Depending on urgency, within days - or, in urgent cases, within hours -, we will present an operational plan for your approval, outlining in detail all costs we expect to arise - no hidden fees or charges.


Depending on the nature of the engagement, our experts immediately move into position and begin to implement the operational plan. Our senior project manager will keep you apprised of all developments in regular reports.


Upon completion, we provide you with a documentation of all work done, and if relevant, train your employees. Our experts are happy to help with transfer of responsibilities and onboarding where relevant.

Our areas of expertise

What once started out as a clinical data analysis consultancy has grown up to cover a wide range of competences, from biosecurity through risk analysis and assessment to public health advisory functions and training.

  • Computational

    Computational epidemiology

    Computational epidemiology involves the use of cutting-edge techniques of data analysis, including unstructured data and various types of clinical data, to assess, predict and prevent disease and study factors of health and disease. Read more...

    Services in this field include:

    • Outbreak detection
    • Contact tracing and spread modeling
    • Pharmacovigilance services
    • Root Cause Analysis
    • Methodology review
    • Training and curriculum development
    • Expert witness services
    • Consulting on setting up computational epidemiology teams, including software, hardware and recruiting
  • Biosecurity
    and defence

    Biosecurity and defence

    At the latest since the anthrax attacks in 2001, the risk of a biological attack has moved from the hypothetical to reality. We assist governments, armed forces, law enforcement, investigators and private parties in assessing biosecurity risks, taking preventive measures, developing contingency plans and recovering after an incident. Read more...

    Services in this field include:

    • Risk assessment
    • Threat analysis
    • Intelligence review and analysis
    • Contingency preparations
    • Investigatory support
    • Emergency response
    • Disaster recovery
  • Geospatial

    Geospatial analytics

    Merging profound expertise in computational methods of epidemiological analysis and geospatial analytics/GIS techniques, we can provide a geospatial dimension to our analyses. Read more...

    Services in this field include:

    • Large to superlarge-scale geospatial transmission models for a range of diseases
    • Using geotagged data, e.g. from social media, to create transmission models
    • Risk mitigation and disaster planning
    • Expert review of geospatial models
    • Design of automated geospatial surveillance solutions
    • Litigation support for geospatial clusters
  • Research

    Research assistance

    We assist researchers, research teams and institutions in developing a scientifically sound research methodology, from start to finish. From writing research proposals to acting as external independent reviewers on ethical issues, we offer a 360-degree service to researchers. Read more...

    Services in this field include:

    • Research proposal writing
    • Analysis planning
    • Data analysis
    • Data visualization
    • Literature review
    • Design and validation of data collection instruments
    • Design of applications for portable tracing and data collection devices
    • Animal Ethics Committees
    • IRB/ethics committee services
    • Specialist ethics committee services, especially in fields involving research in mental health, disability and rare diseases
  • WMDs and

    WMDs and counterterrorism

    We assist qualifying government entities in assessing risks and devising strategies against biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction, including biological and chemical acts of terror. Furthermore, we provide unique services in WMD decommissioning verification for chemical and biological WMD development, manufacturing, storage and testing facilities and warheads. Read more....

    For services in this field, please contact one of our Government Services Liaison Officers.

  • Education and

    Education and training

    We provide a wide range of training courses, both online and in person, to epidemiologists, clinicians, disaster preparedness experts and public health workers. Our courses focus mainly on computational epidemiology and computational methods in day-to-day public health practice. Read more...

    Services in this field include:

    • Curriculum development
    • Courses on
      • R in epidemiological practice,
      • Computational methods in modern epidemiology,
      • Python for epidemiologists,
      • Graph methods and graph databases for epidemiology, and
      • Data visualisation for epidemiologists in R and Python.



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